At Automotique we have a Wide Range of Vehicles, everything from Collector Cars to Everyday Drivers.

Collector Cars, Imports, Domestics and even the Daily Driver or Station Car!

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Become an Authorized Dealer Representative...

Applying for a State Dealer License is only the beginning of the mountains of paperwork, record keeping and compliance issues that will be an on going fact of life as an aspiring Auto Dealer.  AND... once you get through the seemingly insurmountable myriad of documents and compliance requirements, you have only scratched the surface of getting the ability to get to the auction and buy vehicles at wholesale prices in order to realize a reasonable profit! After all... thats what we are aiming for here... buying and selling vehicles at a profit!

Well ... we have the answer to this problem of "How can I attend Dealer Only Wholesale Auctions and MAKE SOME MONEY"!


Automotique West has the solution, let us... as a Certified Wholesal and Retail Dealer licensed to do business in ALL states and territories of the USA and Overseas!

As a Authorized Dealer Auction Representative you will have ALL the priviledges of Our Dealership Representatives without all the Red Tape and Hassles of all the Paperwork and Responsibilities!

Automotique West will take care of all the requirements and regulations that impede most new aspiring dealers! As an Authorized Dealer Representative you will be able to do everything a delership needs to do to complete the entire process of bidding , winning processing and selling a vehicle for profit... while we handle all the needed documentation and support functions you will need to complete the entire evolution... from acquisition to final disposition of the vehicle.

This sounds like a lot of scary things lurking about waiting to foul up even the most simplest of transactions... and you are correct!

Plainly expressed this is what it all boils down to:

- Be the winning bidder on a vehicle you see the potential to profit from
- Get the vehicle prepped, cleaned and advertised for sale
- Sell the vehicle
- Get your Profit!

At your disposal will be the ability to provide Financing for your Buyers through one of our Banks and Financial Institutions. 

Warrantee coverage and Warrantee and Service contracts are another Profit Center that you will have access to as an Authorized Dealer Representative!
You will be able to devote your attentions to these important functions while Automotique West provides all the infrastructure, support, and details behind the scenes to allow this evolution to happen!

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